Expand, heal, elevate and rejuvenate with rounding. Vedic rounding is a practice that combines a sequence of gentle yoga asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing), meditation and rest. Designed to amplify your Vedic meditation practice through its ability to cultivate deep states of rest in the body and to allow an extremely powerful cleansing of accumulated stress and fatigue. It’s the equivalent of a weeks worth of twice daily meditation, in just one evening.

Our Rounding days are an immersive experience that feels like a mini retreat. You will leave the session feeling like lighter and deeply rested. The days that follow will bring a sense of clarity, elevation in consciousness and connection to the heart.

First timers and those needing a refresher arrive 45mins early for a introduction, we then dive into the session as a group and upon completion of the immersion, we enjoy a light Ayurvedic meal together.

The experience, is calm, gentle, effortless, deeply restful and soothing to the nervous system.

No prior yoga experience is necessary, however you need to be regularly practicing Vedic Meditation.

Fee: $85

Price includes introduction, 3 hour immersion and dinner.

Private Rounding Sessions are available by appointment and additional costs apply.